EsoCap announces that its application device is CE certified after meeting the requirements of the European medical device directive

EsoCap AG announced today that its application device is ready to be used in clinical studies, as it is CE certified, after meeting Swiss and EU requirements under the European Medical Devices Directive.

Hänggli Thermoplast AG, the producer of injection‑molded plastic elements for EsoCap’s application technology, has successfully fulfilled its obligations towards Swissmedic. The specially designed application device will allow optimal administration of drug substances using EsoCap’s unique topical drug delivery technology.

“We are highly impressed by EsoCap’s unique drug delivery platform”, said Remo Hänggli, CEO Hänggli Thermoplast AG. “As a company committed to delivering expertise in plastic
injection molding of pharmaceutical and medical parts, we are greatly interested in expanding our fields of application.”

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