Esocap announces publication of “Functionality and Acceptance of the EsoCap System – a Novel Film-Based Drug Delivery Technology: Results of an In Vivo Study“

EsoCap has announced that scientists from the University of Greifswald have published exciting data demonstrating the high level of acceptance of its novel drug delivery technology enabling targeted and long-lasting local therapy of the esophagus (Rosenbaum et al., Pharmaceutics 2021, 13, 828).

In contrast to tablets, capsules or viscous fluids, which are known for short esophageal transit times, for the first time the EsoCap system ensures a targeted and long-lasting drug delivery in the esophagus. The University of Greifswald team demonstrated, in 12 healthy volunteers, that the EsoCap novel delivery concept, which is based on application of a mucosal adhesive foil, is well accepted and adheres to the esophageal mucosa for at least 15 minutes for maximum treatment efficacy.

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