EsoCap announces completion of the prototype automated assembly line

EsoCap cooperated with Zühlke Engineering, Schlieren near Zurich, to develop the entire process of transforming the initial manual production of EsoCap’s first product, ESO-101, into an automated production line. State-of-the-art technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and 3D printing were used to achieve the goal as efficiently as possible. The team of highly skilled Zühlke engineers worked with the EsoCap team to design a production line for the automated assembly of millions of EsoCaps per year.

The result of this cooperation is a functioning prototype production line as the basis for the expansion of large-scale commercial production.

“We are delighted about the results of our collaboration with Zühlke on process development for the mass production of EsoCap technology,” said Dr. Peter Stangier, Director Strategic Planning at EsoCap. “A major challenge in commercializing our multi-component formulation is the ability to cost-effectively produce on an industrial scale while maintaining strict quality standards. With our innovative application design and Zühlke’s expertise in process automation, we are ideally positioned to meet this requirement.”

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