EsoCap AG sinker development featured in Fette Compacting’s customer magazine “What’s Next”

The article in the latest issue of Fette Compacting’s customer magazine “What’s Next” provides an insightful overview of the development of a component, a sinker (placebo tablet) to increase the weight of a capsule, EsoCap’s novel platform technology for the world’s first local treatment of the oesophagus. The article shows that the collaboration between EsoCap and Fette Compacting not only developed a sinker, but also improved the swallowability of the capsule to ensure easy and reliable application.

With a view to later production, a design was also found that could be easily and efficiently implemented on the machine. “Our vision is to improve the lives of patients with severe oesophageal diseases through targeted, easy-to-use, local and long-lasting treatments,” says Dr Peter Stangier, Director of Strategic Planning at EsoCap. “We have developed a unique form of administration for this purpose.”

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