EsoCap announces publication of “Stability of Free and Liposomal Encapsulated RNA on a Mucoadhesive PVA Polymer for Esophageal RNA Drug Targeting Using the EsoCap System”

EsoCap has announced that scientists from the University of Greifswald have published highly promising data for the development of RNA drugs for localized use in the oesophagus, utilizing the EsoCap System.

The core component is a mucoadhesive film that carries the RNA drug and is precisely applied to the oesophagus. Research into the stability and properties of naked and liposomal-encapsulated RNA on mucoadhesive polymer film revealed that the RNAs remain stable. These findings pave the way for RNA drug development for oesophageal diseases and their administration via the EsoCap system (Weide et al., Advanced Therapeutics 2024, 2300446).

“Research in the area of RNA has been particularly active over the last years,” said Prof. Werner Weitschies, head of the Biopharmaceutics group at the Center of Drug Absorption and Transport. “Our results form the basis for future research into RNA therapies for oesophageal diseases and offer a promising perspective for innovative drug formulations on the EsoCap system.”

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