Patrick Schacher


Patrick Schacher is the CFO of EsoCap. He has also been a partner at Hoffmann & Partner since July 2016. He is a recognised expert in taxes and accounting. Limited audits are one of his specialities. Since 2013, he has acted as President of the Limited Audit sub-committee of EXPERTsuisseand in this role has repeatedly commented on regulatory projects at national level, managed corresponding training courses for the renowned organisationof experts and was project leader for the publication Swiss Handbook of Auditing (HWP), vol. Limited Audit drafted in 2014.

Patrick Schacher has an impressive network and extensive professional experience specifically in the SME segment. His broad knowledge base allows him to act both as mandate manager and as a competent sparring partner for other representatives of Hoffmann & Partner in all services offered by Hoffmann & Partner, e.g. on issues relating to succession arrangements or complex company acquisitions.

Patrick Schacher started his career as an auditor for Deloitte in Basel, leading to roles as co-founder and shareholder in a regional trust company via various managerial positions. He very successfully set up his own business consultancy firm in 2012, Schacher Partner GmbH in Basel, and ultimately brought his know-how and client base with him to Hoffmann & Partner in the summer of 2016.

Patrick Schacher is a qualified business economist (FH/HWV), Swiss Certified Public Accountant and Swiss Certified Tax Expert.